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 A: Adult Pickleball  
 A: Adult Rec  
 A: Adult Recreation  
 A: Affinity Groups  
 A: American Sign Language  
 A: April Vacation  
 A: Arts & Crafts  
 A: Baseball  
 A: Basketball  
 A: Bres Explore  
 A: Certification Course  
 A: Children's Art and Music  
 A: Children's Rec and Enrichment  
 A: Children's Sports and Fitness  
 A: Children's STEM  
 A: Childrens STEM and Nature  
 A: Clipper Athletics (NHS Coaches)  
 A: Clipper Girls Basketball  
 A: Clipper Kids, Mates and Crew  
 A: Community Events  
 A: Community Service  
 A: Cooking/ Baking/ Nutrition  
 A: Dance  
 A: Donations  
 A: Early Release/Days Off  
 A: Entrepreneurship  
 A: Esports  
 A: Events  
 A: Family Programs  
 A: Family Services and Supports  
 A: Film/Acting/Media  
 A: Fitness  
 A: Games (Boards, Cards, RPG Strategy)  
 A: Growing Humanitarians  
 A: Horsemanship/ Equestrian  
 A: Little Aces  
 A: Media Skills  
 A: Minds In Motion  
 A: Miscellaneous Activities  
 A: Molin Explore (4th & 5th grade)  
 A: Music  
 A: NAGLY North Trips  
 A: Nature/ Enviromental  
 A: NLEC  
 A: NLEC Summer Trips  
 A: NYS Family Club Membership  
 A: NYS Spot Drop-in Activites  
 A: Outlet Project  
 A: Parent Programs  
 A: Photography  
 A: Pre School-Age Programs  
 A: Pre School-Age Programs  
 A: Seacoast Technology Programs  
 A: Skate Park  
 A: Ski/ Snowboard  
 A: Soccer  
 A: Special Events  
 A: Sports & Rec Programs  
 A: STEM  
 A: Surf Club  
 A: Tennis  
 A: Therapeutic Rec Programs  
 A: Travel (family, service, etc)  
 A: Trips  
 A: Vacation Weeks  
 A: Youth Center Clubs & Workshop  
 A: Youth Center Events  
 A: Youth Center Memberships  
 A: Youth Center Spring  
 A: Youth Center Summer  
 A: Youth Center Teen Trips  
 A: Youth Center Vacation Weeks  
 A: Youth Leadership  
 R: City Dept  
 R: Commercial (for profit)  
 R: Gr D- one time or recurring- chargi  
 R: Group A- City Departments, Schools  
 R: Group B- Reoccurring youth leagues  
 R: Group C- Recurring use by organizat  
 R: Group E- Special Events >25 people  
 R: Group F: Special Events 26-50 peopl  
 R: Group G- 50-200  
 R: Group H- Over 200 people  
 R: Non-Profit  
 R: Non-Resident  
 R: Resident  
 R: Youth Sports League   [G]: Game   [P]: Practice
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