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Woodman Park - Playground


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Woodman Park
Basketball Court
Ball Field

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Facility Area Information

132 Crow Lane
Newburyport, MA 01950

Status: Open

Fee Schedule
City of Newburyport park Reservation Fee Schedule

Park Reservation, Group A  Free
Group A: City of Newburyport departments, including Newburyport Public Schools in addition to all other schools within the City and Active Duty Military.

Park Reservation, Group B   $5.00/hr
Group B: Recurring use by exclusively youth leagues.

Park Reservation, Group C  $15.00/hr
Group C: One-time or recurring use by organizations, including adult sports leagues, fitness groups and other classes, etc.

Park Reservation, Group D  Free
Group D: Recurring use by organizations that do not charge end-users any fee to participate, including pick-up leagues.

Park Reservation, Group E  Free
Group E: Special events held by individuals or non-commercial groups with up to twenty-five (25) attendees (i.e. birthday parties, social gatherings). Commercial group classes and sessions must use
Group C.

Park Reservation, Group F  $25.00/hr
Group F: Special events held by individuals or groups with twenty-six (26) to fifty (50) attendees.

Park Reservation, Group G  $100.00/hr
Group G: Special events held by individuals or groups with fifty-one (51) to two-hundred (200) attendees.

Park Reservation, Group H  $200.00/hr
Group H: Special events held by individuals or groups with greater than two-hundred (200) attendees.


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